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Membership Types

How to create a membership plan?

Go to the Settings in the sidebar 

  1. Click on the Membership types tab 
  2. Click on “Add New Membership Plan” 


Create New Membership type page:

  1. Enter the membership plan name, the location, and the price
  2. Give the membership an expiration period
  3. To enable app purchasing, click “Show in Shop”
  4. If it's a recurring membership - make sure to check to box “ Recurring Payment Plan” And choose a cycle ( ie every week, Bi-Weekly, and Every month)
Note - if you are choosing the Recurring Payment Plan, make sure you priced the membership as a monthly price and the client will be charged automatically every month until the membership is expired.

Now click on the Save button.

How to create a session punch card plan?

Scroll down to Session Punch Cards and click on “Add New Session Punch Card”


  1. Write down the membership plan name, the location, the number of Entrances, and the price
  2. Give the membership an expression period like 6 months
  3. If your members want to purchase the membership over the app AND the schedule website, make sure to  check the box -” Show in shop”.

Finally, click on the “Save” button.

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