Appointments and Availabilities

A personal appointment is one of three event types available in Arbox. This type of event is for a single client only and can also be based on the availability of your staff members and spaces (for example - nutritional counseling, private lessons, training program building, booking tennis courts, etc.). It's important to note that a personal appointment is an event that is not visible to all clients. The only ones who can view it are the staff member conducting it and the client who is scheduled for it.


Follow these steps to set up your first personal appointment/availability:

  1. Click "Schedule" in the main menu and select "Calendar".
  2. Click the blue "Add" button in the top toolbar.
  3. Select "Appointment" and click "Next".
  4. There are two options for scheduling a personal appointment:
  5. "Me for client" (You on behalf of the client) - This is the traditional way of booking a meeting with a client. Here you set the date and time for an appointment/series of appointments and assign the client. Upon creation, the client will receive a meeting invitation.
  6. "The client" (The client independently) - With this option, called "Availability", you can define your availability and your staff's availability so clients can independently book appointments via your client app or website.
Continue reading if you selected "Me for client" or skip to the next section if you picked "The client".
  1. Select the desired personal appointment (for example nutritional counseling). You can create a new appointment that doesn't exist in the list by clicking "Add", where you'll need to define a name, description, color, and whether it can be paid for as a one-time fee (outside of a membership or session pack the client holds).
  2. Online appointment - If the appointment is an online meeting, you can enter the Zoom (or any other platform) link and participants will receive the meeting link after registering.
  3. Select the date and time of the appointment.
  4. Choose whether the appointment is one-time or weekly (you can set an end date when the series of appointments in the calendar will stop). If you select weekly frequency, the date you enter will be the date of the first appointment in the series.
If you chose the "The client" option, continue reading normally. But if you don't want to set up availability right now, please skip to the next part of the guide - "Manage".

Using availability will allow you to define your availability, and that of your other staff members, so your clients can independently book appointments via your client app and registration website. The following order of steps continues the first order of six steps we presented in the guide:

  1. Select a staff member and start date from which the availability will become active.
  2. Frequency - If the availability repeats weekly, select "Weekly", and if it is one-time, select "One time".
  3. "Allow clients to schedule an appointment every X minutes" - The meaning - how often to open a "window" for scheduling. For example: If you set availability between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM and scheduling time every 15 minutes, then the first client who enters your client app or website will see the registration options: 9:00, 9:15, 9:30, 9:45.
  4. Appointment booking time limit - If you want registration for the personal appointment to close X hours before the start of the session, this is the right place to set it. In the example below you can see we closed appointment registration an hour before it starts.
Arbox availability settings

After adding, you'll be able to create more appointments, view the availabilities you created, and easily manage them. In the second part of the guide we'll learn about managing appointments and availabilities - editing scheduling times, switching staff, canceling appointments, and more.


Managing and editing availability and personal appointments are frequent actions, that can be done very easily in your Arbox. The following information will allow you to control the registrations of your clients, and change them in real time!

Managing a Personal Appointment

After adding them to the schedule, you'll be able to view their details by clicking on them. Clicking will display the following summary:

Appointments quick view

Notes -

  • Clicking the pencil icon allows you to edit a specific appointment or series of appointments.
  • Clicking the trash can icon allows you to cancel the appointment and delete it permanently (the staff member and client will receive a notification about this).
  • Clicking the WhatsApp icon allows you to send a direct WhatsApp message to the client.
  • Clicking "Mark arrived" allows you to mark attendance for the client.

Managing Availability

You need to go to the "Availability" window in the schedule and click on the specific availability you want to edit and manage:

Availability quick view

The pencil icon and trash can icon have the same meanings as those mentioned above. Clicking "Schedule an appointment" will display a time window for scheduling a personal appointment, according to the availability you created.

Pick a slots and book appointment for your client

Select a specific time and then enter your client's name in the search bar. Click on the client's registration method and finally click "Next" -

Write your client name, and choose a booking method.

Finally, the personal appointment will appear in the Calendar and you will no longer be able to schedule an appointment of this type at the specific time.


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